Olympic Games Brand Identity


Art Direction

Graphic Design


Adobe Illustrator

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What would the Summer Olympics 2028 look like if they were held in Venice?

The design of the Venice 2028 Summer Olympic Games takes inspiration from the beautiful facades of the Venetian gothic architecture. This style features inflected and pointed arches and tracery stonework.

- Niani Patterson / Art Direction

- Charley Henson / Art Direction & Illustration

- Himanish Goel / XD

Branding Style Guide

For the emblem, we used one of the most iconic pieces of architecture in Venice,

the Rialto Bridge.

The typography was manipulated to appear as the style of carved type into buildings during the renaissance era.


The patterns were inspired by the venetian gothic architecture.

Branding Style Guide

For the Iconography, I referenced the quatrefoil which can be found in a lot of the palazzo stonework in Venice. I thought having figures with points provided a nice contrast against the rounds of the border.


Mock Ups


This project was all about empathy. For three weeks I had to embed myself into the Venetian culture. One of the challenges I came across was trying to find which characteristic of Venice that we should lean into – the masquerade festival, the water and issue of flooding, the gothic architecture, religion?

I learned how to make strategic and intentional choices to concept the visual identity (color palette, typography, textures and shapes).