Bremo Pharmacy

creative solutions


Art Director

Bremo Pharmacy is a local business serving Richmond and neighboring communities. My team and I were tasked with creating branding & marketing solutions for Bremo's weight loss clinic.

Our solutions included:

- Renaming their existing weight loss clinic

- Creating an overarching platform

- Creating a campaign that can stem from that platform

- Developing mock up social ads, a newsletter, brochure, flyer and website redesign,


We renamed their clinic from Weight Loss Clinic --> Nutrition Studio at Bremo Pharamacy.


The platform we developed – "Losing For Life."

Losing bad habits, losing excuses, and losing weight… Losing for Life.


The "Be A Loser" achieves three goals:

1) steers clear of common weight loss tropes

2) A verb that encourages potential clients to face the mental setbacks that prevent them from losing weight.

3) Visually invites the brand to create unique and ownable content

Team Members:

Josh LaJoie – Strategist

Graham Bartal – Art Director

Riley LaChance – Copywriter

Logan Cooper – Experience Design